Revitalize Your Health This Ramadan: Discover How to Supercharge Your Energy and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals Without Traditional Dieting!

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Are you feeling tired, unproductive, and bloated during Ramadan? It's time to rethink your approach!

While fasting can provide incredible health benefits like improved mental clarity, better blood markers, and weight loss, many of us struggle to achieve these outcomes during Ramadan.

So why is that?

Let's explore how to maximize the benefits of fasting during Ramadan and start feeling your best!

The Problem:

That is because we break our fast the wrong way. We break our fast with high-carb, high-fat, heavy foods that knock us down and leave us feeling exhausted and tired after Iftar.

The Solution:

What if I told you that learning how to hydrate yourself properly and break your fast with healthy nutritious digest-able meals you can actually boost your energy, reduce your hunger and lose a couple of pounds too!

 My ramadan guide is here to help!

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 Boost your energy, reduce your hunger and lose weight this ramadan

I am here to teach you that fasting doesn't have to be a tiring experience! You can fast – and have energy!

if you learn to break your fast the right way you can also boost your metabolism and lose weight without dieting

Learn how to fast the healthy way and enjoy ramadan like never before...

  • 4-Week ramadan meal planner daily recipes, and shopping lists for the full month designed to help you boost your energy and lose weight.
  • Ramadan health guide my full fasting guide to teach you how to break your fast the healthy way that will optimize your fasting health benefits.
  • 4-part Ramadan training videos by me teaching you the ins and outs of healthy fasting to optimize energy and weight-loss.
  • Ramadan sugar free drinks hydrate yourself this Ramadan with my sugar-free drinks designed to help boost your energy, and help you handle thirst during your fast without added sugar.
  • Ramadan daily protocol your fasting daily protocol to help you enjoy a healthy fast this Ramadan.
Last year, I got the Ramadan guide from Ayah and it was transformational ma sha’ Allah. It helped me make juices everyday, make healthy desserts on hand and also make meals that were nourishing throughout Ramadan. I love that the guide is divided into parts so I can pick which iftar I’d like to make and then pick from the suhoor part which suhoor to eat tonight. There’s also a suggestion for the meal plan and there are grocery lists for all 4 weeks of Ramadan. 

This guide really will make your Ramadan so different. 

Yasmine shalaby 

Boost your energy, reduce your hunger and lose weight this Ramadan with my full guide for healthy fasting.

$55 $45