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Mindful weight-loss Month 2
Module 1Week 5 Enhance your weight-loss+
Lesson 1Week 5
Lesson 2Portions and Serving sizes
Lesson 3Insulin resistance
Lesson 4Urges and Desires
Lesson 5When you need to be more strict
Lesson 6Alternating high carb days
Lesson 7Weekly check-in
Module 2Week 6 Stay on track even with life gets in the way-
Lesson 1Week 6
Lesson 2Label reading and Nutritional facts
Lesson 3Consistency and how it affects your results
Lesson 4Holidays, Travel and social gatherings
Lesson 5Make cooking healthy easy as 1-2-3
Lesson 6Weekly check-in
Module 3Week 7 Do you believe you can do it?+
Lesson 1Week 7 Do you believe you can do it?
Lesson 2Do we need to buy organic food?
Lesson 3Gut Health and Inflammation
Lesson 4Failure and what we should make it mean
Lesson 5Weekly check-in
Module 4Week 8 Check in with yourself and decide the next steps+
Lesson 1Week 8 Check in with yourself
Lesson 2Detox or Keto
Lesson 3Dealing with stress
Lesson 4Monthly check-in
Module 5Last week+
Lesson 1After the program
Lesson 2Fat cells and how they act