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Mindful weight-loss Month 2
Module 1Week 5 Enhance your weight-loss+
Lesson 1Week 5
Lesson 2Portions and Serving sizes
Lesson 3Insulin resistance
Lesson 4Urges and Desires
Lesson 5When you need to be more strict
Lesson 6Alternating high carb days
Module 2Week 6 Stay on track even with life gets in the way+
Lesson 1Week 6
Lesson 2Label reading and Nutritional facts
Lesson 3Consistency and how it affects your results
Lesson 4Holidays, Travel and social gatherings
Lesson 5Make cooking healthy easy as 1-2-3
Module 3Week 7 Do you believe you can do it?+
Lesson 1Week 7 Do you believe you can do it?
Lesson 2Do we need to buy organic food?
Lesson 3Gut Health and Inflammation
Lesson 4Failure and what we should make it mean
Module 4Week 8 Check in with yourself and decide the next steps-
Lesson 1Week 8 Check in with yourself
Lesson 2Detox or Keto
Lesson 3Dealing with stress
Module 5Last week+
Lesson 1After the program
Lesson 2Fat cells and how they act