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8 Week Gut Healing
Module 1Learning the basics+
Lesson 1Learning the basics part 1
Lesson 2Learning the basics part 2
Lesson 3Meal planner
Lesson 4Food journaling
Module 2How to videos+
Lesson 1How to do fermented vegetables and sauerkraut
Lesson 2How to do dry skin brushing
Lesson 3How to do castor oil packs
Lesson 4How to do deep breathing
Lesson 5Sprouting
Module 3Week 1+
Lesson 1The right mindset for success
Lesson 2Week 1 Gut health, toxicity and food allergies
Module 4Week 2+
Lesson 1Getting out of the comfort zone
Lesson 2Week 2 Probiotics and Pre-biotics
Lesson 3Easy ways to quick vegetables
Module 5Candida and Consitpation+
Lesson 1Candida guide
Lesson 2Managing constipation
Module 6Week 3+
Lesson 1Week 3 Food combining and healthy poop
Lesson 2Stress Management
Lesson 3Managing your desires
Module 7Week 4-
Lesson 1Re-introduction of seeds and nuts
Lesson 2Week 4 Caffeine, protein, grains and more
Module 8Week 5+
Lesson 1Week 5 Mind body connection
Module 9Week 6+
Lesson 1Re-introduction of eggs, beans, grains and lentils
Lesson 2Week 6 Gut health road blocks, candida parasites and more
Module 10Week 7+
Lesson 1Week 7 Snacking, meal prep and Testing