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Mindful Weight-loss in 90 days
Module 1BONUS: Declutter and Organize+
Lesson 1Declutter and organize
Lesson 2How I plan my calendar
Lesson 3The Busy Mum Guide
Module 2Introduction+
Lesson 1Structure of the 90-day program
Lesson 2The No Diet Approach to Weigh-loss
Lesson 3Tracking your progress
Module 3Week 1 Boost your metabolism and Reduce your hunger+
Lesson 1Week 1 Setting your goals
Lesson 2Week 1 Food changes
Lesson 3Wheat and Gluten and how it affects your weight
Lesson 4Dairy, is it good or bad?
Lesson 5Stop Binge eating
Lesson 6Sweeteners which type is best
Lesson 7Coffee and Tea, in or out?
Module 4Week 2 Food focus+
Lesson 1Week 2
Lesson 2Get out of the comfort zone
Lesson 3Occasional indulgence without the guilt
Lesson 4Indulgence without guilt part 2
Lesson 5Insulin and how it can affect our weight
Lesson 6How to stop feeling deprived
Module 5Week 3 Get Moving and stick with it+
Lesson 1Week 3
Lesson 2Feeling ok with hunger
Lesson 3How often should we snack?
Lesson 4How to stop procrastinating and giving excuses
Lesson 5Choosing best Flours for weight-loss
Lesson 6Carbs, Good or Bad?
Lesson 7Stop giving Excuses
Module 6Week 4 Emotional life Balance+
Lesson 1Week 4
Lesson 2Emotional eating 1
Lesson 3Emotional eating 2
Lesson 4Emotional eating 3
Lesson 5Emotional eating 4
Module 7Week 5 Enhance your weight-loss-
Lesson 1Week 5
Lesson 2Portions and Serving sizes
Lesson 3Insulin resistance
Lesson 4Urges and Desires
Lesson 5When you need to be more strict
Lesson 6Alternating high carb days
Module 8Week 6 Stay on track even with life gets in the way+
Lesson 1Week 6
Lesson 2Label reading and Nutritional facts
Lesson 3Consistency and how it affects your results
Lesson 4Holidays, Travel and social gatherings
Lesson 5Make cooking healthy easy as 1-2-3
Module 9Week 7 Do you believe you can do it?+
Lesson 1Week 7 Do you believe you can do it?
Lesson 2Do we need to buy organic food?
Lesson 3Gut Health and Inflammation
Lesson 4Failure and what we should make it mean
Module 10Week 8 Check in with yourself and decide the next steps+
Lesson 1Week 8 Check in with yourself
Lesson 2Detox or Keto
Lesson 3Dealing with stress
Module 11Last week+
Lesson 1After the program
Lesson 2Fat cells and how they act