Restore Your Gut Health, Strengthen Your Immunity And Regain Your Life Back

My 8-Week Gut Healing Journey can help you heal your gut, and know exactly which foods aggravate your symptoms through a step by step elimination gut healing diet.

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What is included

in the 8-week gut healing program

8-Weeks of suggested meals and recipes

to make gut rebuilding easy as 1-2-3. for the entire 2-month period with shopping lists to make your trips to the grocery store hassle free.

4 comprehensive guides

going over every aspect of gut healing, before you know it you will be a pro. Think of it as the ultimate go-to resource guide for your gut.

Weekly training videos

Going over every big and small thing you need to learn about gut healing food, supplements, and stress management.

Bonus: Constipation guide

going over all the reasons and possible solutions for this chronic problem.

Facebook support

with like minded ladies, amazing community and me to answer all your questions.

Supplement guide 

All the supplements that can help with healing gut and rebalancing your gut flora. 

Bonus: Comprehensive candida guide

going over reasons, symptoms and possible solutions + Bonus 3 week candida meal planner.

4-Coaching calls (Premium package only)

1 hour private coaching sessions with me for accountability and coaching you through this journey.

What others are saying about this program

I had a stomach pain from 4 years ago and also had digestion problems. Some doctors told me this pain because stress and other told me some hormones changed after pregnancy so it is normal. I also had joint pain. She discovered the root of my pain, She is very helpful and full of positive energy! Every time you set with her you change your thoughts. She also help me to arrange my time and to think in different way for my life. Until now my stomach pain stopped and also have energy without any caffeine through day not even green tea. I also lost around 10 pound may be more. I'm drinking water much more than before and I achieved my goal with ayah for me and my family.
Big thanks for Aya 


“ For years I had acid reflux after I ate. I tried everything. I felt hopeless. I was scared to eat. I started doing this program and within 6 weeks, I felt like a new person. I learned how to properly combine my foods. I learned about cultured foods and my body is changing. I am so blessed. I am so thankful. I would not be here without you.” 


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to make sure the 8-week Gut healing program is the right program for you

Multiple Dr. visits with no solution?

Food allergies, leaky gut, depression and mood swings, brain fog, constipation, diarrhea, Gas, indigestion, adrenal fatigue ,Low energy, auto-immunity, frequent colds and flu, weak focus, headaches, or unexplained joint aches.

These symptoms have all been linked in numerous studies to the
"Health of the gut"

8-Week Gut Healing can help you...

  • Eat the foods that are right for you and your unique body
  • Support your gut and allow it to heal
  • Improve your gut health, mood, energy levels and overall health by changing the way you eat
  • Learn which foods triggers your digestive system to act up
  • Understand probiotics, yeast, candida
  • Remove inflammatory food that can trigger problems in your digestion
  • Learn which foods to eliminate to reduce inflammation 
  • Know the best supplements and healing foods 
  • Cut out the bad stuff and bring in yummy healthy foods to replace it – no deprivation here!

book a clarity call to

to make sure the 8-week Gut healing program is the right program for you

I know you’ve been waiting for A miracle..

 to fix your subpar digestive system that plagues you with painful belly bloat, food intolerances, constipation or diarrhea, and stomach upset on a daily basis. An answer to your constant exhaustion, out of whack hormones. The chance to feel normal again, like you used to feel before stress, poor food choices and well, life got in the way.

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How it goes...


Step 1 - Remove

Full elimination diet to remove foods and factors that are causing inflammation and negatively affecting your digestive tract contributing to leaky gut, candida overgrowth, parasites and more.


Step 2 - Replace

 with healing foods that support the health of the gut lining and improves digestions.


Step 3 - Rebalance

your gut flora by adding probiotics, prebiotic and fermented food in an environment suitable for good bacteria to thrive and flourish.


Step 4 - Repair

with the right supplements and foods to rebuild the gut lining and promote healing.

Ready to say goodbye to stomach aches, gas, inflammation and give your immune system a lift up?

 This 8-week gut healing journey is exactly what you need to start seeing life-long changes in your health


12 Training Modules

Gut healing Guide

Learning the basics about gut healing

  • Gut healing Elimination diet with meal planner and recipes
  • Daily protocol guide
  • Suggested supplements protocol
  • A full guide on what to eat, what to avoid, along with recipes and preplanned meal plans to help you start your gut healing journey. a suggested supplement protocol that can help rebuild your gut wall and digestive health all planned for you with handouts and videos.

Week 3

Understanding your unique body

  • Food combining basics
  • Achieving alkalinity, ph testing
  • Healthy poop
  • Learning to rate your health from how your poop looks like, I am sorry but this is essential when it comes to gut health, understanding alkalinity and how it affects our health.

Week 5

All about gut health

  • Probiotics – the good guys
  • Pre-biotics – the garden for a healthy bacteria
  • Gut health food, bone broth, cultured vegetables, collagen, kefir…
  • Gut health meal tips
  • Getting into the details of gut healing, all about gut health digging deep into probiotics, pre-biotics and healing food

Week 7

Gut health Roadblocks

  • Candida, SIBO and parasites
  • Malabsorption
  • Autoimmune disease, Hormonal imbalances
  • working with your doctor to get the right tests done
  • Not getting better? there could be roadblocks that need more attention fro you or further testing, educate yourself about them so you can work with your doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Week 2

Introduction about the program

  • Understanding food allergies
  • Giving your kitchen a facelift
  • Gut health and toxicity
  • Self care tools to reduce toxicity like tongue scraping and oil pulling
  • Understanding where your food allergies and sensitivities come from, decluttering your kitchen and supporting your body's detox system to allow for gut healing to happen

Week 4

You are what you eat

  • Liver loving superfoods
  • Grains and phytic acid
  • Going gluten free, healthy fats, clean protein...
  • Curbing sugar cravings
  • My aim is to educate you and give you the tools to own your own health, learn about grains, carbs, protein, fats and all the basics of a healthy gut healing diet.

Week 6

Mind/Body connection

  • Movement
  • Deep breathing
  • Stress management
  • Gut health is tightly related to our emotional state, we can’t fully heal our gut without getting deep into letting go and dealing with stress in a healthier way, so lets learn some techniques to help us release

Week 8

Gut health for every lifestyle

  • Snacking
  • Meal prep. and planning
  • Traveling and on the road
  • At the end of the day life has to go on, I will teach you how to fit this diet with your lifestyle even when traveling or on the go

2 Bonus Modules


chronic constipation can affect your health negatively by allowing toxins to get reabsorbed, it's important to learn how to solve this problem and this guide will help you.


Overgrowth of candida yeast can run havoc on your body and immune system, and requires certain dietary changes to rid the body of it's negative effects.

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Life time access to all your materials



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