The #1 weight loss plan for the busy Muslim mum who wants to look and feel her best again

Quit the cycle of yo-yo dieting and lose the weight without deprivation, all while firing up your energy and feeling amazing!

the more i dieted, the more i gained weight

It was an endless cycle of binging and dieting, I felt like there was no way out for me, maybe I am just stuck with this extra weight forever...

I don't want you to struggle the way I did, I want you to thrive and go on a journey of transformation not deprivation. 

Just like me Sarah was an ambitious loving mum, who used to love life, running, going out, playing with her kids, and feeling happy and free

but the extra weight weighed her down making it hard to live the life of her dreams

She has tried every diet out there to lose the weight and regain her energy 

but still feels stuck with unmanageable cravings and emotional eating patterns

that keep her stuck in a yo-yo dieting cycle that never seems to end 

She tried counting calories on her fitness app

She worked out hours in the GYM 

She even tried cutting out all carbs and sugars

Not only that, she joined dieting programs and paid 100’s of $ just to find her self stuck in the same old pattern 

Sticking to a diet for a few weeks, losing a few pounds, then bingeing and going out of control and gaining all the weight back

This is the story of 100’s of women I have worked with over the past 5 years

I realized that the reason all these strategies didn’t work, is they weren’t designed for you, the busy muslim mum

  • The mum that needs to take care of the needs of her kids and family first
  • The mum that has so many responsibilities and emotions that food becomes the only escape 
  • The mum that has so many personal dreams but can’t find the time, energy or motivation to achieve them

They say

She lost 18 Lbs and stopped her migraine medication in just 3 months


You need a strategy that takes into account all these things, that truly digs deeper not just a set of restrictions to follow!

losing weight and firing up your energy is my goal for you
But not from a place of restriction and deprivation
but From a place of love and satisfaction

That's why I created "Mindful weight-loss" A 4 months program designed to help you lose the weight and keep it off without restriction or deprivation

Check out what my clients are saying....

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what is in it for you

my program can help you ...

Overcome emotional eating

Learn how to Stop binge eating, have control over your desires, and stope using food as a stress buster, and learn healthy ways to manage your stress and feel happier.

Lose weight easily

It's not about cutting down on calories and starving yourself, it's about eating in a way that boosts your metabolism and reduces your hunger so that weight loss becomes easy. 

Fire up your energy

How would it feel to wake up feeling energized without needing that cup of coffee? having the power and energy to do everything you dream of ?

love life again

Being healthy is not just about the number on the scale, learn how to feel healthy from the inside out by creating balance in your life again...

Time is now

for new beginnings!

The life changing Journey begins...


Month 1

Transform your eating habits

Completely transform your eating and lifestyle habits through gradual step by step process that you can enjoy and sustain long term. 

Tackle the emotional obstacles that are getting in your way to success, like emotional eating, staying motivated, controlling urges and desires just to name a few.


Month 2

Extensive weight-loss training

I will teach you the secrets of optimizing weight loss and boosting your metabolism, whether your goal is to lose 5 or 20 pounds.

This program will allow you to find your unique road map so you can efficiently lose the weight and keep it off for life.


Month 3

Further nail your health goals!

 Choose your own path to achieve optimal health with exclusive access to Clean keto or Detox or Gut healing signature programs to cleanse your body of toxins, lose the last few stubborn pounds. Pick the path that best suits your individual needs and goals, because this is not a "one size fits all solution".


Month 4

Maintenance and consistency

 This is where I will teach you how to stay consistent so that you can keep the weight off long term, or even continue loosing weight a bit longer, because "my goal is for you to never need another diet program again"

What is included

in Mindful-weight-loss program

60+ hours of training videos

weekly training videos teaching you the ins and outs of weight-loss, fat burning, emotional eating, and more...

 90 days of Weekly meal planners + shopping lists

Amazing recipes that will satisfy your cravings and take the confusion off what you should cook each day.

Weekly assignments +hardcopy workbook (US only)

You will having a hardcopy workbook to do your weekly assignments that help you stay focused and on track with your goals.

 My full support through the entire program

I will be available with you on Fb the entire program to support you and answer any questions you might have.

 12 Weekly Zoom coaching calls 

Get weekly coaching group calls with me, I will personally coach you and help you break through any obstacles that come your way with a group of amazing like minded women.

Access to Clean Keto Or Detox in your last month

Get access to one of my signature programs, clean keto or detox to further nail down your health goals and do the full 90 day journey.

Join me on this Join me on this guided 4 months life changing journey to look and feel your best again without counting calories or feeling deprived!  

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to make sure Mindful weight-loss is the right program for you

Try it Out Risk-FREE for 14 DAYS!

You get to try it risk-free for 14 days! if you genuinely do all your assignments, and watch all your videos, and do your best to follow the advice given and don't see an absolute transformation in your health and weight, you get your money back! The only thing you can lose right now is not trying.

 Read the full refund policy here

Ready to look and feel your best again?

This life changing transformational journey is exactly what you need to start seeing life-long changes that actually stick.

Busy and can't find time?

Two bonus modules to help the busy mum to succeed...
Declutter and Organize your home and life

We as mum's sometimes have too much on our shoulders, and too many un-important things taking over our life and time, this guide will help you Learn how to declutter the junk thats keeping you from actually pursuing your goals, and plan your time better so that you are prioritizing the things that really matter...

Add Baraka to your day 

We all have the same 24 hours a day but some of us can get so much done, and some just feel like the time flies without achieving anything, this is where "Barakah" comes in, Barakah in time allows you to get more done in less time without feeling burnt out, I will teach you exactly how to achieve that !

Bonus feature 1

Life time access to all your content!

You can repeat it again and again....

Bonus feature 2

English and Arabic versions of all videos  for your convinience

Bonus feature 3

Weekly Calls check-in with me through our weekly group calls to stay on track

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to make sure Mindful weight-loss is the right program for you



Boost your metabolism and Reduce your hunger

  • I will help you be clear on your why and have the right mindset to ensure your success
  • You will learn how to start your day with food that will boost your metabolism and reduce your hunger all day long
  • Break away from compulsive eating and learn how to be mindful in your eating decisions
  • Coffee, Dairy, Fats, sweeteners, know the ins and outs about which foods are healthy and which are scam


Transform your plate and mind

  • Transform your dinner plate to boost your weight-loss and feel satisfied
  • Master balancing insulin levels for easy weight-loss
  • understanding how to chose the best carbs for your goals
  • Master occasional joy eats and indulge without guilt or negative consequences on your health and weight


Boost your metabolism and Reduce your hunger

  • How to pick the best exercise routine for you and actually stick to it
  • feeling ok with hunger and learning when you should listen to it and when to ignore it
  • All about crabs, flours, glycemic index and net carbs, all about how to chose the best carbs for your goals
  • Snacking, how often, how much and what to snack on to optimize our efforts


Emotional life balance

  • How to deal with stress and understand your trigger points
  • How to process negative emotions
  • overcoming emotional eating once and for all
  • Healthier ways to deal with our stress for a healthier happier life
  • Taking time for yourself and putting you first!


Enhance your weight-loss journey

  • All about portions and serving sizes, know how much is too much
  • How to overcome insulin resistance and tap into your fat burning power
  • Use intermitted fasting effeictively for boosting metabolism, balancing blood sugar and improving overall health
  • Dealing with unhealthy urges and desires without depending on just will power
  • Alternating high carb days for best results!


Staying on track even when life gets in the way

  • Consistency and how if affects our results
  • everything about Label reading so you can buy food from any where with confidence 
  • How to stay on track even during holidays, travel and social gatherings
  • Tips for making healthy cooking as easy as 1-2-3
  • you can eat healthy anywhere you just need to learn how!


Do you believe you can do it?

  • Learn to change your beliefs to align with your goals, you can do anything that you belief in
  • Failure and how it can be the best thing that ever happened to us
  • Organic food and how it can affect your weight and hormones
  • Gut health and how it can affect our health and weight


Success for a life time...

  • Check in with yourself and the goals you had set for yourself in week 1
  • use the questionnaire to decide on your next journey, keto or Detox depending on your unique goals and challenges
  • Define which road you will take next according to your progress and goals
  • Learn the habits of long term success and how to make this a life long change

WEEK 9-12 

Detox or Clean Keto Training

  • Extensive training on how to naturally cleanse your body (Detox)
  • How to support your liver with thr right types of food and herbs (Detox)
  • How to do a safe elimination diet to tell which foods work for you and which don't
  • Detailed training on how to star a clean healthy keto diet (Clean keto)
  • In's and out's of the keto diet so you can do it safely and effecitively (clean keto)

"My goal is to arm you with a set of tools that will allow you to make better food choices for the rest of your life”

With these tools, you will no longer feel overwhelmed in the kitchen or eating out. You will be able to ditch the yo-yo dieting and stop counting calories or dwelling on fats and carbs!

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to make sure Mindful weight-loss is the right program for you