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The Ramadan Guide

Once you sign up you will get a one hour training video from me in Arabic and English teaching you how to break your fast in a way that reduces your hunger during the fast, increase your energy and allows you lose weight without dieting. In order to make it easier to implement I added 3 Ebooks as a gift from me to you, that you will get in your inbox the minute you signup

+3 Bonus Ebooks

  • Ramadan daily Protocol and guide
  • Ramadan meal planner and recipes
  • Ramadan Sugar free drinks

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Aayah Khalaf

‚ÄčAbout the Host:

I am Aayah Khalaf. Besides being a holistic health coach and detox specialist, I am also a wife and mother of two daughters, I specialize in working with women especially mums to help them successfully lose weight naturally, regain their vitality and energy without counting calories, feeling deprived or wasting time on magic solutions.

I also suffered from my own health issues that naturally arise from a busy lifestyle of motherhood and household management, brought about by physical and emotional stress. In a way, my path to holistic health coaching started as a journey of self healing. The amazing improvements I saw in my own mind and body fueled my passion to help others heal with a few simple diet and lifestyle changes.

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