No more wondering what to pack for your child's lunch box and breakfast

My 2-week planner will ensure your child eats a healthy meal everyday with ease. You you will not have to think what to pack in their school lunches ever again, and the best part it's all healthy and unprocessed.

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2-week lunch box and breakfast planner

Feed your child a healthy breakfast and lunch that will balance their blood sugar giving them better mood, concentration and energy through the day.

With the right balance of fats, protein and fiber your child will feel full longer during the school year.

Avoid health problems that may arise from an unhealthy diet that depends on processed and high sugar high carb diets like childhood obesity, childhood-onset diabetes and more.

Give your child the best start by insuring he is getting the nutrition he needs growing up.

Reduce the toxic load on your child that can affect his health, energy and cognitive ability.

  • 2-week breakfast recipes that will put your child on the right start in the morning and prevent crashing midday.
  • 2 week snack recipes that will keep your child full and energetic for longer periods
  • 2 week Lunch box recipes that will keep your child full and energetic for longer periods
  • Gluten-free and Dairy-free options for highly sensitive children that need to be on special diets.
  • Shopping list to make starting as easy as 1-2-3
  • Amazon online list with my favorite ready made health foods on amazon for the busy mum.

All this can be yours, right now! It's time to take action now and transform your child's health for life!

$30 $20