Refund Policy



1.1 For purposes of this Refund Policy, “we” or “our” refers to Bee Nourished, and “you” or “your” refers to the client. Please read this Refund Policy carefully as it constitutes your agreement with us.

1.2 By engaging us to provide to you, you agree to be legally bound by this Refund Policy. Bee Nourished reserves the right to change or modify this Refund Policy at any time.


2.1 Mindful Weight-Loss

2.1.1 Mindful weight-loss has a 15-day money back guarantee that will be issued on condition that the client has watched all videos, completed all assignments and adheres to all instructions in the program and experiences no results. The refund will be processed within a period of 15 days.

2.1.2 Any upgrades that will be initiated on the basic-package which include sessions with me will not be eligible for a refund.

2.1.3 Upon the lapse of 15 days there will be no issuance of refunds and the client shall be obligated to pay the complete price for the program.

2.1.4 Please note that we will no issue refunds that arise from the following reasons:-

Failure by the client to fully commit to the program;

Failure by the client to watch the recommended videos;

Failure by the client to follow through and apply what has been learnt;

Failure by the client to do assignments.

2.1.5 Based on the foregoing, we will only accept refunds in the event that the client has:-

Watched all recommended videos;

Genuinely participated in the program and followed all instructions;

Has observed no results and/or improvement on their health or weight after actively participating in the program.

2.1.6 Refunds will totally be issued at the absolute discretion of Bee Nourished depending on each client’s situation.

2.2 Private Coaching and/or Follow Up Sessions

2.2.1 Client understands that there will be no refunds issued for all private coaching sessions and/or follow up sessions once the same has been dispensed with.

2.2.2 In the event the private coaching session and/or follow up session did not commence and upon mutual agreement on whether the parties want to continue with the sessions, refunds for future sessions may be issued on an individual basis subject to our discretion.

2.3 Ebooks & Guides

Due to the digital nature of these particular products, there will be no refunds issued for any of the above programs on the basis that the same is delivered upon payment. This applies to the Detox program, keto program, recipe guides, and all digital products.


3.1 You understand that all payments made by way of installments shall be made on time failure to which you shall incur additional charges.

3.2 You understand that in the event there is a refund and/or failure of full payment, you will automatically lose access to all materials.


Bee Nourished reserves the right to refuse service to anyone demonstrating inappropriate behavior on our site.


5.1 Please note that this is Bee Nourished disclaimer of legal liability for the quality or reliability of the services and/or products.

5.2 Bee Nourished makes no representation or warranty about the services and/or products, including any representation that the services and/or products will be uninterrupted or error-free and provide the services and/or products (including content and information) on “as is” and “as available” basis. To the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, we disclaim any implied or statutory warranty, including any implied or statutory warranty, including any implied warranty of title, accuracy of data, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose.