My Approach to Making long lasting changes in your health and weight 

Discover how I can help you make long lasting changes in your health and weight with The Bee nourished method. 

The Bee Nourished Method 

An evidence-based personalized approach to weight loss, healthy eating, and overcoming fatigue that takes into account the person as a whole, physically emotionally, and spiritually.

Educate instead of set rules and restrictions 

When people understand how food affects them they tend to make the right choices without being told to or given struct rules. Through the Bee Nourished Method, my clients get educated on every aspect of health, carbs, fats, sweeteners, portions, exercise, stress... They finish my program knowing exactly when, and how and what to eat to feel and look their best. ⠀

Finding healthier alternatives to the foods we love

The Bee nourished method acknowledges that there will be certain unhealthy foods that we really love and miss! Maybe your thing is cakes, cookies, rice, fries or chocolates... ⠀

Learning healthier alternatives to some of our favorite foods can be a lifesaver when sticking to a healthy diet long term.⠀

Boost metabolism instead of cutting down on calories

Learning how to boost your metabolism, tap into your fat-burning power is more effective than cutting down on calories, and needing to triple your amount of effort to start losing the extra weight!⠀

With the Bee nourished method, I teach you how to what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat for faster metabolism and more efficient fat burning.

Deconstruct cravings instead of fighting them

I help deconstructs cravings instead of fight against them.⠀
It's easier said than done, stop eating sugar, stop eating bread, don't eat at night, stop eating junk food...⠀

I help you understand why you have cravings and fix it from the root cause, building new thought patterns that help you reduce the desire to unhealthy food or satisfy it in a way that has no negative consequence on your health.⠀

Detox and Cleanse to lose weight more efficiently!

The Bee Nourished Method looks at the body as a whole, weight, and health are not just about calories in, calories out!⠀

It has been scientifically proven that an overload of toxins can lead to unnecessary weight gain, fatigue...⠀

Master your emotions and mindset for life long change

Food is just half of the problem, emotions, stress, negative thoughts all play a major role in our health, learning to manage stress in a healthy way, overcoming emotional eating, and building a sense of peace and gratitude can be the one things you are missing to really reach your goals long term.⠀

stuck on your health and weight goals?

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