Want to Start Keto but Intimidated by How to Start?

Join me on a 4-Week Clean Keto journey that will help you 
Lose weight easily
Boost your metabolism
Improve your health

Clean Keto can help you...

Boost your metabolism by folds

Learn how to eat the right balance of carbs, fats and proteins to boost your metabolism so that losing weight becomes fast and easy.

Reverse Insulin sensitivity and balance blood sugar

A ketogenic diet can help reverse insulin sensitivity, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and more metabolic disorders. 

Lose stubborn fat from hard to lose areas like the abdomen!

When insulin levels and blood sugar levels are optimized your body can really tap into burning stored fat in hard to lose places!

Reduce hunger levels and Cravings

Once ketones start being produced your appetite and cravings will go down dramatically, making it easier for you to stick to the plan. This is the power of a Keto diet.

Increase mental clarity and energy

We carry fat with us every where we go, on a ketogenic diet your body learns how to burn that fat for energy without needing external food, so you get more mental clarity and energy all day long.

Turn your body into a fat burning machine

A ketogenic diet is the best approach to boosting your metabolism and burning actual fat vs muscle weight.

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Self paced clean keto course with life-time access to all your videos and handouts.



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Have you heard about the amazing
benefits of a ketogenic diet for weight loss?

but worried about how healthy and sustainable it is? 

With Clean Keto you don't have to chose between fast weight-loss and improved health.

You can get both, Clean Keto is done the right way!

What is included

in the 4-week clean keto program

4 Weeks of keto meal planners 

(Dairy free options) loaded with delicious healthy recipes and a shopping list, designed to help you meet your health and weight loss goals while feeling satisfied. 

Training videos by me

going over every aspect of keto, how to start, how to measure your macros, how to overcome keto flu and cravings and more.

All available in English and Arabic versions.

My full support 

for the whole 4 weeks to answer your questions and keep you engaged.

Full Keto guide 

every single thing you need to know about keto, there won't be any questions unanswered, so that your focus can be on your success.

Facebook support group

with like minded ladies and me to support you through your journey.

4-Coaching calls

30 min. private coaching calls with me for accountability.

Seems impossible to lose weight no matter what you do?

A ketogenic diet could be the answer!

Check what others are saying about Clean Keto


I lost 4kg fat 

Which never happened before within such short period! So thank you for introducing Keto I wouldn’t have thought of doing Keto without you introducing it. I’ve heard so many bad things before I heard your videos but it was a totally different experience with you! I didn't even know Keto can be done in a healthy way and without deprivation.

Walaa Mohamed

Month before starting and now
Thanks Aya for helping me to change my mindset about short term dieting and make me believe in healthy lifestyle!!!
So thankful for all the support you provided specially when my weight loss stalled
I will always be looking up to you as a role model
May Allah bless you and your family.

Choose your Plan


Self paced clean keto course with life-time access to all your videos and handouts.



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Ready to start losing weight and improving your health? 

This 4-Week Clean Keto Journey Is Exactly What You Need To Start Seeing Life-Long Changes That Actually Stick.